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July 25, 2021

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, ON L4G6H8

Glynn Cochrane


Glynn spent 20 years as Senior Advisor, Rio Tinto plc and was the first fulltime anthropologist in the mining industry while working for the board to help professionalize social performance. Among his many books, in 2017 Glynn wrote:

Anthropology in the Mining Industry: Community relations after the Bougainville Civil War


He has also spent more than 20 years working with the World Bank beginning with the development of anthropology in project operations and has published:

2019 Management by Seclusion: A critique of World Bank promises to end poverty


Glynn is a global though leader in many aspects of social engagement especially with his knowledge and continuing work in the global mining sector.

Glynn has held many engagements globally as an academic, mentoring doctoral students and holds a D. Phil Social Anthropology, Oriel College Oxford

We welcome Glynn with the many insights and services that he can offer the global mining industry in community engagement performance.