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July 25, 2021

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, ON L4G6H8

Dr. Shrikar Dole


Dr. Shrikar Dole is Founder & CEO of SDG Foundation in Mumbai India and a passionate advocate of partnering with business and society while recognizing the SDG framework using Circular Economy practices. Dr. Dole has developed many projects and programs in the area of sustainability with a network of global experts, Universities and Institutions. He has experience in corporate sustainability, low carbon productivity, Circular Economy, Clean Technology, and Green skills, to find solutions for complex climate change challenges for Sustainable Development.

He is a Mentor for Startups at Circular Economy Club as well as Startupbootcamp, Australia. He was also a reviewer for the 2018 Innovation Challenge organized by Launch Circular. He has been closely associated in formulation of sustainability policies in various capacities both with private sector and government agencies. He is a well-known speaker on international trade, clean technologies and sustainability in various forums. He is an ex-Air Force Fighter Pilot and has a Doctorate in International Trade/Relations.