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October 27, 2021

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, ON L4G6H8

Digital Supply Chain

Digitizing the supply chain to enable collaboration and transparency across your supply network

Mining and metals industry heavily relies on paper-based back office processes

This creates expensive inefficiencies and delays, a lack of transparency, and fraudulent activities. This problem only gets worse the larger the supply network.



Supply Chain Landscape

Integrating a Blockchain

Blockchain technology provides security and transparency in a broad business network of assets and transactions

Establishing Digital Records

Capturing information from the physical world (IT/OT sensors, GPS data, wearables) to accelerate decisions and better transparency of the supply chain network

Algorithms and Automation

Applying algorithms and automation to the digital records allows for advanced analytics and visualizations of your entire supply chain in real-time


Supply chain evolution is the critical link towards solve the mining industry’s main challenge of community engagement. A sustainable Supply Chain is the integral component of our Community Engagement programs that allows for transfer of value chain from corporation to community.

Our approach to supply chain is to create disruptive efficiencies through blockchain solutions layered with IoT to promote autonomous process and also AI to give it a future. There are of course many other technologies that make up an integrated system including real time global communications with augmented and mixed reality.

Understanding where the value is in real time is the holy grail of mining.  It will create efficiencies and the same time allow corporate to build models to balance the value based on corporate and community interests.


To develop traceability and transparency to prevent corruption and manage corporate risk

To develop a more collaborative approach to supply chain process to build robustness and improve cost efficiencies

To balance supply chain value with corporate and community towards improving social license to operate

To infuse machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to create life cycle generational improvement towards sustainable practice

“By digitizing the supply chain, we can increase the level of automation, reduce reliance on intermediaries and increase the speed at which goods are transferred from miners to end buyers,”... “This is a significant advancement for an industry looking to integrate and use data in ways not previously possible.”

Vince Sorace, MineHub founder and CEO

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