GMSu offers a broad suite of consulting services, from initial assessment on performance and readiness for change, to setting goals and developing strategic integration plans for execution.

Services we provide:

Management Consulting

Global Mining Sustainability offers gap analyses, goal setting & strategic planning for SDGs performance improvements.

Global Mining Sustainability works with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Global Compact United Nations’ Global Compact Ten Principles to first do business responsibly and then pursues opportunities to solve societal challenges through business and collaboration to bring together all stakeholders towards The Sustainable Mine of the Future™.

Change Management

Change readiness review, stakeholder alignment & buy-in assessment and engagement support, risk identification workshops & strategic planning for implementation.

Technology Finder, Assessment & Comparative Analysis

Assess the level of technology maturity within the corporate group or individual operating property. This includes a baseline and roadmap of mining / technology practices to meet the strategic goals of the corporation towards sustainable mining.

Technologies include but are not limited to: drilling techniques, IoT, AI, Autonomous systems, 3D printing, Sensors, Enterprise Software solutions, mobile process, metallurgy and chemistry.

Research & Development

Global Mining Sustainability works as a nonpartisan partner with research institutions, NGO’s consultants and operators to assist and report the suitability towards meeting the expectations of its partners.

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