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Oyu Tolgoi announces Q3’18 Sustainability Metrics

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – Oyu Tolgoi today announced third quarter 2018 sustainability metrics

Oyu Tolgoi’s workforce reached 17,000 making it the largest private employer in Mongolia. 93 per cent of Oyu Tolgoi’s employees were Mongolian, 19.4 percent of which were from the local province of Umnugovi.

As of the end of the third quarter of 2018, Oyu Tolgoi achieved an All Injury Frequency Rate (AIFR) of 0.19 per 200,000 hours worked and was injury-free for 83 out of 92 days for the three months ended

Oyu Tolgoi maintained a world-class environmental performance in the quarter, with 0.35 cubic metres of water per tonne of ore processed – three times less, compared to similar operations worldwide – and achieving an average water recycling rate of 89 per cent over the period.

Oyu Tolgoi provided 215,503 man hours of training to nearly 10,301 employees and contractors and collaborated with 793 suppliers 562 of which are national businesses that account for 79 per cent of total operations procurement spent.

Oyu Tolgoi:

CSR Hub performance metric: CSR-ESG Ranking 27% compared with 556 mining companies globally

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The Canadian Mining Industry is Leading All Industries in Sustainability Reporting

If there was ever a story that deserves repeating and amplifying in mining, it’s that the Canadian mining industry is taking seriously the issue of sustainability and social responsibility. Bad news travels very fast as experienced in the new world of social media, however good news such as this is difficult to spread broadly enough. Given that the last good news Hollywood movie was in 1937, Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs, it is perhaps it may be time for a second take.

The Center for Sustainability and Excellence,  is a leader in -Sustainability training and are reporting on a study just released; 2017 Sustainability Reporting Trends in North America. In the comprehensive survey of 1,500 companies the report identifies Mining as the leading Canadian industry with 27% publishing sustainability reports followed at a distance by Energy Utilities at 19% and Financial services at 16%.

Outcomes of sustainability reporting include influencing stakeholder perception and a proven positive impact on financial reporting. Of important note, the three largest Canadian gold mining companies have some of the top programs in sustainability, Goldcorp, Teck and Barrick.

There are two leading Canadian influencers to this disruptive style change to the industry with each developing a global approach to their programs.  The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) has developed their Towards Sustainable Mining initiative (TSM),, an initiative started in 2010 for their member companies and now adopted by the mining associations of five other countries.

Also, Global Affairs Canada is a powerful advocate for mining CSR leading with training, advocacy and oversight through their program called Responsible Business Abroad; and supported by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service  posts around the world.