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How will the World’s First Electric Mine change the way that society perceives mining?

Canada injects $5M into Bordon Mine as prize for innovation

 Goldcorp’s Bordon mine is being recognized by the Canadian government as a disruptive innovation identifying the development as game changing. The development taps Canada’s Clean Growth Program (CGP), a $155M investment fund for clean technology research, development and demonstration.

The Bordon project has a strong element of Canadian manufacturing with MacLean Engineering of Collingwood providing a fleet of secondary mobile equipment, all electric.

It’s difficult it imagine an underground mine with significantly lower noise levels and no diesel fumes in the air.

The development is one of the best examples of disruptive change in the industry and pushes further on Canada’s theme of mining sustainability.

Read the story here, and comment on how this will impact Canada’s position in mining, manufacturing and your community