Robert C. Sinclair, Ph.D. (Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University)

Bob has expertise in the areas of experimental/quasi-experimental designs, attitude formation/change, attitude measurement, market research, organizational behavior, research methodology, program design/evaluation, survey design/prevention of bias in surveys, public opinion polling, advanced statistical analyses, grant acquisition, and public speaking/writing that is geared to the particular audience. He has acted as a consultant for several multinational corporations ranging from General Motors to Johnson & Johnson. He has familiarity with the mining industry through his work with Vale and is acutely aware of the need to engage stakeholders (for example, Indigenous People) from the bottom-up and not only the top-down.

Aside from his consulting work, Bob was a Lecturer at Penn State and a tenured professor at Central Michigan University, University of Alberta, and Laurentian University. In those capacities, Bob has more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications, conference presentations, and invited talks: He is listed among The 2000 Most Influential Scientists of the 21st Century.

Bob is a creative empiricist who thinks “outside of the box” and follows his motto: Opinions (hypotheses) are guesses and data are facts; when data fail to support your opinions, it’s time to change your opinions.