We work with the mining industries stakeholders to understand and solve today’s challenges in sustainability and social responsibility through collaboration and innovation.

Sustainability is not a zero-sum game. It will lead the stock price of corporations and reward those who offer thought leadership in change through innovation and social practice through collaboration.

Join us to understand the challenge and work with us to develop solutions to advance society’s goal of a sustainable planet.

Watch the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Members.

Global Mining Sustainability (GMSu) is a dynamic communications platform integrating the mining industry and society towards common sustainable goals.

GMSu fills a need in the mining industry to better integrate into mainstream social culture and practice.

  • GMSu offers all stakeholders an opportunity to present issues, discuss positions, and work towards solutions in a transparent environment
  • GMSu uses sustainability themes as developed by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Goals (SDG) 2030
  • GMSu promotes and disseminates training, projects management, multi-disciplinary skills access, networking, news, and other service to advance it’s goals
  • An interactive information hub on issues that affect the sustainability of the mining industry within society
  • A communications forum to present, discuss and move forward information and ideas towards solutions
  • A facilitator of disparate positions and ideas to effectively move thinking and concepts towards common understanding
  • An impartial advocate for fair play and conciliation of visions and positions
  • A sponsor for causes that improve societies potential for advancement of human kind
  • A developer of solutions that meet common society goals towards sustainability

Communications hub

Knowledge dissemination through blogging efforts by thought leaders in mining and all other disciplines that can add value to improve the performance of the mining industry within society

Service solutions

Consulting, training, webinars, courses, other knowledge and information transfer.

Products portal that can add value to the enhancement of knowledge towards solutions. We offer access to the latest solutions and developments and visions towards sustainable mining practice.

Management services to baseline mining practice and process and offer solutions towards a path of improved sustainability performance.

We bring together world-class domain experts in sustainability, social responsibility and innovation to solve today’s mining industry challenges.