A non-profit sustainability communications platform for the mining industry
September 22, 2021

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, ON L4G6H8

About Us

We work with the mining industries stakeholders to understand and solve today’s challenges in sustainability and social responsibility through collaboration and innovation.

Sustainability is not a zero-sum game. It will lead the stock price of corporations and reward those who offer thought leadership in change through innovation and social practice through collaboration.

Join us to understand the challenge and work with us to develop solutions to advance society’s goal of a sustainable planet.

The mining industry, due to its nature, has historically been challenged to communicate, innovate and collaborate.

Mining has an opportunity to be proactive as a sector to develop generational solutions to manage operational risk, build social licence and to change it culture.

Global Mining Sustainability offers a non-profit platform to create solutions towards Sustainable Social Licence to Operate through innovation and collaboration to meet these historical challenges:


  • To develop solutions to critical mining challenges in environment, social engagement and governance
  • To utilize best in class ideas from cross industries
  • To consider life cycle performance


  • To engage like companies with shared work scopes towards ESG sustainable practice
  • To engage mining living labs and other project development tools
  • To include all stakeholders


  • To meet corporate a ROI
  • To achieve external assurance
  • To meet life cycle performance standards

Social License

  • To meet societal expectations towards sustainable social license to operate
  • To measure life cycle sustainability
  • To change the culture if the industry