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Model, simulate, execute and optimize your mobile and fixed plant mining operation, bringing together the virtual and real worlds how digitalization platforms will create the Sustainable Mine of the Future™ and reveal new innovation horizons to disruptive change.

In today’s global mining marketplace, the pressures on mine operators are greater than ever to develop and optimize new sustainable mobile and fixed plant processes efficiently and safely. To meet these challenges, mining operations are using digital technologies to break down silos, create new collaborations, and generate greater efficiencies out of their teams and organizations.

In order to remain competitive in the mines that are deeper and lower grade, mining companies need to improve mobile processes that reduce overall process lead-time and deliver quality results to meet sustainability and production targets.

3D Vision platforms can enable seamless communication within complete processes from mine entrance to the workface, the loading dock and all points in between. The work scope platform includes:

  • Model the entire mine infrastructure in a virtual 3D environment
  • Simulate the commission of equipment within the mine
  • Simulate material flow for optimum equipment and services organization
  • Full Monitoring of Production and Quality to execute Operations in real-time
  • Optimization through advanced planning and scheduling based on data collected

A 3D Vision platform approach to modeling and managing mobile process in real time offers a solution to realizing the safe, efficient and Sustainable Mine of the Future™.

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