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We work with mining operators to solve today’s challenges in sustainability through collaboration and innovation.

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Our 6 Pillars of Sustainability in Mining

Global Mining Sustainability is developing collaboration partnerships to address industry challenges. Stay engaged and offer your interest in the following ESG project developments

Offer your interest and developments to collaborate in many other critical challenges that face the mining industry

1. Sustainable Social License to Operate (SSLTO)

To develop next generation social engagement tools and processes including:

  • Qualified listening tools to meet community expectations through novel social impact assessment technics
  • Improved corporate procedures and practices to improve local community engagement
  • Improved community local governance to align with corporate procedures and practices
  • develop a strong corporate orientation to adopt international standards to environment and operations

2. Sustainable Operations – Climate Change – Remediation

  • Build a Custodial responsibility to measure and report the ESG value of what is mined
  • Prepare for disruptive change caused by climate change and society expectations to sustainable practice
  • Improve tailings management approaches with a focus on proactive life cycle programs
  • Develop programs to reduce and measure the footprint of mine operations to improve risk management
  • Developing technologies to manage changes in environmental sustainability performance

3. Advanced Technology Development

  • To create a holistic sustainability based digital architecture to enable technology and process to integrate towards the Sustainable Mine of the Future
  • To investigate and develop digital processes, electrification, communications, IoT, autonomous systems, 3D printing and other technologies
  • To engage human/machine interface challenges with machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • To collaborate with cross industries with best in class solutions at a platform level
  • To develop life cycle strategies with measurable ROI

4. Sustainable Supply Chain (SSC)

  • To develop traceability and transparency to prevent corruption and manage corporate risk
  • To develop a more collaborative approach to supply chain process to build robustness and improve cost efficiencies
  • To balance supply chain value with corporate and community towards improving social licence to operate
  • To infuse machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to create life cycle generational improvement towards sustainable practice

5. Sustainability Training and Assurance

To provide project and process training, compliance and intelligence to improve operator global focus on sustainable practice:

  • Innovative training programs with gamification themes
  • Assurance through auditing, corrective action, monitoring and reporting
  • Supply and service program management services
  • Generation Z immersive engagement to communicate with social media and meet societal expectations

6. Communications, Culture, Behaviour and Ethics

To develop a generational program to create and measurable culture shift through:

  • Baseline industry ESG performance and society expectations
  • Create accurate measurement tools to assess changes in ESG performance
  • Communicate performance changes with social media as a partner
  • Build Gen Z awareness and programs as the advocate and ultimate benefactor of culture change
  • Build trust and transparency as vehicles to engage social media and to drive cultural change

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Why is Sustainability Important?

Don Lindsay_President and CEO_Volume 19-Banner

Our ability to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible way is foundational to our success as a business, and an important part of who we are as a company…That’s why at Teck we make sustainability a part of everything we do.

Don Lindsay, President and CEO
Teck Resources


..all investors will measure a company’s impact on society, government, and the environment to determine its worth

Larry Fink, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


We see sustainability as a business advantage, and to make that work to the fullest, it needs to be integrated everywhere.

Ulrika Wedberg, Group Head of Sustainable Business


We work with the mining industries stakeholders to understand and solve today’s challenges in sustainability and social responsibility through collaboration and innovation.
Join us to understand the challenge and work with us to develop solutions to advance society’s goal of a sustainable planet.

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