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October 27, 2021

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Who is Global Mining Sustainability?

A global sectoral communications platform bringing together all stakeholders towards sustainable mining operations performance.

We develop and work with ESG standards, community engagement training programs and technology to build awareness and solutions at first contact.

We build sustainable supply chains using the latest technology developments for 64 mining processes, with blockchain, digital twins, AI, AR/MR, and other solutions to enable our programs.

Join us to create a sustainable mining industry.

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GMSu is developing an architecture of 6 development stages of the complete mining process from exploration to closure to facilitate efficiencies in mining operations. Within these six stages of process we have identified 10 enterprise engagement tools to build solutions for: risk & strategy, supply chain, finances, capital assets, human resources, occupational health and safety, environment, community engagement, Information technologies, corporate communications.

This matrix architecture offers an opportunity to investigate 64 work scopes to improve efficiencies and traceability. Solutions will also include capacity for process planning, fulfilment management and visualization utilizing machine learning/AI, big data and augmented/mixed reality.

We are looking for mining operation collaborators and other stakeholders to discuss and develop and own the potential business case for critical processes within this architecture.

GMSu has partnered with a world leading provider of digital twin solutions to create virtual representations of mining processes for the complete mining cycle. Programs integrate with blockchain and other enablers to create system solutions.

Solutions use real-time data and collaborations with operators and suppliers to create the dynamic evolution of processes before applying it to a mine environment. Product and process centric solutions will include ML/AI, big data and AR/MR for process planning, fulfilment management and 3ED visualization.

We are looking for mine operators and vendors who are interested in collaborating in digital twin solutions to create the next generation of mining processes.

GMSu is developing immersive country centric one and two-week training solutions to provide an elite awareness of risks and rules for investors, exploration and mining companies to understand the mineral potential, culture, rules and regulations of country and community. Programs investigate the geology, socio and geo political context, laws, cultural heritage, permitting, local partnering and local office development.

Programs are administered by local, country and international experts in their fields and are a must to allow a full understanding of risks and opportunities at each stage of the mining process. Programs are being developed in many Latin American and African countries for investors, mineral explorers, mine operators and major vendors.

Express your interest to understand these country centric community engagement programs and find partners or open an office.

The eco investor community is asserting increasingly demanding compliance to sustainability standards in environmental management, social engagement and governance practice. Mine operators are being pressed to authenticate the ESG performance of their vendor base and to define community and country supply chain value.

GMSu has partnered with a world leading provider of ESG consulting and auditing to provide awareness, training and compliance for life cycle sustainability process to meet the expectations of investors and community. Solutions are country and project specific and integrate international vendor performance and local procurement potential.

Programs to assure ESG compliance are typically designed to be collaborative so that mine operators can take advantage of economies of scale when auditing vendor performance.

Offer your interest to investigate your vendor base to meet evolving industry ESG standards.

A circular economy strategy is critical for the mining sector to baseline sustainability performance and to measure ESG impact. The mining industry has a critical role to play in society’s awareness and management of industrial impact as mineral extraction is the genesis of metals manufacturing.

GMSu works with global leaders in circular economy strategies and plans to integrate sector, and societal expectations for the mining sector. GMSu communicates mining industry performance through social media networks on its nonprofit communications platform. Programs are being developed for mine explorations and operators to measure their life cycle ESG performance

GMSu is developing a global circular economy architecture, solutions and programs than can secure custodial ownership of the ESG impact of the extracted material asset. The ESG value is monitored to create programs that reduce corporate risk, manage operations footprint, waste reduction and transferred downstream to allow life cycle measurement of impact.

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The GenZ cohort born about 1997 is entering the mining industry, and they’re bringing with them an entirely new outlook. What are their workplace attitudes that make them so different, and how can the mining industry listen and help them to make the cultural change the industry critically needs?

Gen Z wants flexibility where they work, and trust in how they work. They have an entrepreneurial mindset and are very tech savvy. They want increased opportunity for social creativity and they see the world without the fear of judgement. They want a place where they can be themselves and express who they really are.

GMSu has created a GenZMining platform to capture a generational opportunity to baseline and measure the next cohort to enter the business world. We are creating a global network of 24 academic institutions focused on mining and sustainability to derive four pillars of institutional and generational value. This unique network will engage in a broad range of interests including jobs, fundraising, hackathons, games, mentoring, ESG clubs, and social platforms.

GenZMining has a unique generational opportunity to develop a new mindset, platform and programs to drive industry change. Mine operators are encouraged to join the GenZMining program as project partners and benefactors.

Express your interest to find out more about the GenZMining initiative.

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