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Recent Articles

Mining firms in Philippines anticipate more government audits

Mining companies in the Philippines will have to undergo more than three regulatory audits this year, and this will be the new normal from now on, a top mining official said.

Queensland Quarry Manager Jailed over Death

A Queensland quarry manager has been sentenced to jail for 18 months over the death of a worker at a central Queensland quarry in 2012.

DRC: Revised Mining Code lacks taxation clarity

Just over a year since its implementation and adoption, the Revised Mining Code in DRC has brought with it positive changes to corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, transparency and ensured better controlled legal and fiscal frameworks.

Québec to support Newmont Goldcorp’s mine 4.0 plan

The Government of Québec in Canada has agreed to support Newmont Goldcorp’s mine 4.0 plan, which aims to create an ‘interconnected mine of the future’.

The Five W’s of Supply Chains: Who, What, Where, When and Why Corporations Should Care

Not a month goes by without a media campaign linking the supply chain of a well-known brand with unsavory labor practices or environmental mismanagement. Such exposés can devalue brands and reduce well-meaning corporate sustainability initiatives to hypocrisy.

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